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It's been around since the 30s, created by the man who founded candy company "Morinaga & Company". He wanted to make a new kind of gum. However, removing food from your mouth in Japan is considered rude. So, instead of making just straight gum, he turned it into a candy you can actually swallow. And thus Hi-Chew was born.

In North America and Canada, there are eight flavors: Strawberry, Cherry, Green Apple, Grape, Mango, Banana, Melon, and Peach. In Japan, there are over 113 different flavors to choose from. One-hundred and thirteen! That is a hell of a lot of variety for a single kind of candy! There are so many that I can't even find a good majority of them on the Internet so I won't even begin to list the flavors Japan has.

The flavors themselves are pretty standard fake fruit flavors. Personally, I found that the flavors were similar to Starburst, except more muted in sugary goodness, and it gets stronger as your chewing mixes the outside with the inside. It's actually a pretty damn good flavor, if you like Starburst. When you're done with the candy, you get that normal aftertaste with it, though not overly strong. The Grape, though, from what I found, kind of stays for a while while Strawberry doesn't. However, it's a pretty great flavor, so I won't complain.

Now, here's where it gets interesting: It's a fruit chew, right? Well, it doesn't stick to your teeth. It's not ungodly hard (well, when it gets five-years expired, I'd say it's probably ungodly hard). In fact, when you start chewing it, it's similar to any old hard-ass chewy hard candy. After you chew it a ton, it's more similar to gum! It's a really smooth gum-like texture with the flavor of something harder to chew. It's not all that hard to begin with, but once you get it going you'll probably start prodding at it with your tongue to get ready to blow bubbles (you probably could, honestly, but I haven't tried it yet).

It looks like a pretty cool candy, too. It's white on the outside, except for a spot in the middle that has the flavor's color.

On the whole, this candy is flavorful and fun to eat. It's starting to get into grocery stores across the US and Canada (don't know about anywhere else that isn't US, Canada, or Japan), with apparently a higher chance if you have an 'Asian food' section in your local grocery store. If you ever find it, give it a definite chance. If you don't like it, please send it to someone you know can't get hold of it and has never had it. If they don't like it, please have them send it to me.

or maybe you know if you just want to send me some...

Appearance: 10/10
Taste: 25/10 10/10
Texture: 45/10 10/10

Total: 10/10

So great, you have to write a review about it.
Yes, YES.

I have these at work

Are they free


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