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Roleplaying Rules


But there are some rules. Small ones to keep the threads from derailing.

For every thread:

All Arpegi basic rules apply. (PG-13 and such)
Have as much fun as you like
Don't be a jerk to everyone
No killing off other people their characters unless the write agrees with it.
Respect the wishes of the author. If he or she doesn't want that somebody else writes the lines of his or her character... don't do it.
More then 1 thread for a RP is allowed but put in the title between [] the name of which RP thread it is related too... And please, know that there is a limit... not in numbers but spreading everything in too much threads kills your RP.

For the story threads:

Well, if you want to join a thread were are story is being written instead of randomness... it isn't allowed to ruin or break the story. The writers work on a story and many will be angry if it gets ruined by somebody.

Also, you for each story please follow the wishes of the writers. Each group will have it's own set of rules or way they work.

Well, enjoy everybody!!!!!

Sir Shota:
SMASHY APPROVES. If I think of any changes, I will try and notify you.


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