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I wish for your safety


Even though I do not frequent this forum anymore for private reasons and mostly operate via pms now a days, considering recent events and reflecting on the future I wish all of you safety. As things continue to escalate it is impossible to know how long we are 'safe' and how quickly our friends and families lives can be changed in seconds due to an attack.

I have family in the affected area, thankfully they are fine. Let us hope that all of you are also safe and out of harms way

I cannot be sure if it is American papers being American papers but the headline news today was that the Belgium government suspected that another attack was likely.

So, please be safe and wary

Kiss x Miz:
We just raised the threat level because an attack happened. The government was warned by experts a week earlier after arresting Mr. Coward but didn't do anything.

I don't think they'll be making that same mistake again.


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