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Gone, not dead, yet


So as ya'all may or may not know. I'm going on a sort of hiatus.

Why ?

Well because I got this final board exam and it's supposed to be important or something. kek, Like I know.

I might still come online if I have free time but for the most part I'll be inactive.

I'll probably make my grand comeback on the 26th of April or a few days later. They didn't exactly specify a date for the practical exams.

So, anywho, I'll be seeing you guys later if I'm still alive. And if I don't, then abandon all hope and erect a statue of me in every nation out of respect. (heh, erect)

And with that, see ya.

Kiss x Miz:
Don't overwork yourself nigga. No relaxation for a month can hurt

Good luck man! I'll make sure something is erect when you come back  ;)


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