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So I enjoy making GIFS, but mostly I make gifs with pictures and via photoshop.

Now, I'm looking for a decent program (NOT A WEBSITE!!!) to create a gif with. From a video then, I mean.
Oh, and if anyone of you knows a decent video editing software program (I'll mostly use it for cutting out some parts of a video), please do tell me here.

Thanks guys :3

(Cyberlink Powerdirector 10 is epic to my opinion for video editing)

I got 3 other forum's who linked me to this program:

I'll check out the Blaze program as soon as I get a decent video editting software ;) Thanks Jonezsy

I advised a decent video editing program in my post too ~

Ohh, I didn't read that part ;L Sorry, I'll check it out in a minute :3


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