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Title: Worried mothers
Post by: NekoJonez on May 04, 2013, 01:31:06 AM
Dayum, I am so extremely pissed at the time of writing.

I can tell long stories about this, how my mom doesn't allow me to sleep with my GF because she is 15. -_-'. No, the need to sleep in two seperate rooms.

But today took the drop for me. With my autism, I have trouble in staying after a party. But today, I enjoyed myself in the conversation and it passed after midnight. My mobile was on silent since I had to act on stage today. And I hadn't put the volume up since.

But my mom got it in her head to text me, asking when I came home.

So, in other words, because it isn't my habbit to stay... I had to give her a hour for which I had to go home? What's the issue here? Oh yeeeeeeeeeeah, I am 20 years old AND I was having fun with the other actors and staff of my play. As if I would be able to say a time in the first place.

After I didn't texted back since I didn't know, she called me twice. I, of course, didn't pick up as seeing my sound was off. And then she went in her car, took my sister with her to come and check on me. How old am I again? Oh yeah, 20.

Last year, I was on the egde of depression. Thanks to Arpegi & my lovely GF~ I was able to turn the tides. But now my mom is such a worrying bitch. I feel so restricted, like that I am a doll on strings which my mom has in her hands. And it's creeping me out to be honest. I don't have a proper degree to move out of her home yet, but if I do, I'll move to the Netherlands to live in close range of my sweet love to get away from my mom's nagging.

I can understand that she is worried but that she can't think as far that I finally changed and traded in my "addiction to pc" for a real social life, which she asked for in the first place, is truly beyond me.

This rant will probably contain much spelling errors and grammar issues but I don't give a flying fuck now. I was so pissed that I talked out loud during my bike ride, swearing out loud. I was even thinking about going to my aunts home and sleep there.

So, I wanted to show more of me being responsible. But how can I do that when you have a mother that watches your every move and even worries because my GF is a 1/2 year younger then the "legal age to have a boyfriend".

Well, I am closing off this long rant here. It's mostly out of my system.

Oh, one advice, troll replies will meet my delete button. Beware this is pretty sensitive and wrongly worded replies can wound.
Title: Re: Worried mothers
Post by: Mr.PowPow on May 04, 2013, 01:43:12 AM
Short of knowing your mother, I'd assume that she is just worried about losing her son. It's something that a lot of mothers go through, of course they wish for their offspring to "fly the coop" but coming to terms with the fact that they are reaching the age where they no longer need to depend on their mother for support is sometimes hard to cope with. I'm sure this isn't anything you don't already know, after all you know she cares and she only wants the best for you. That goes without saying.

It's a phase she will grow out of, and yeah, even the old timers have things they have to grow out of :p
so no worries, it won't last forever. The best you can do is stand your ground and remain steadfast in your interests, the message will eventually reach her.
Title: Re: Worried mothers
Post by: shredc0re on May 04, 2013, 03:34:31 PM
Mothers are like that mate, you can't exactly do the "right thing" in their eyes. They'll always find something to nag about because they need to be able to do that. They worry too much.
Title: Re: Worried mothers
Post by: dark 5FVD on May 04, 2013, 03:36:20 PM
it's just because they are afraid of loosing there son or daughter. I know it's annoying as shit. But to be honest you can't really do much about it. But your mother means it in a good way.
Title: Re: Worried mothers
Post by: Kiss x Miz on May 06, 2013, 02:23:08 PM
She'd be devastated if I moved to the US
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