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Don't post reviews here.


Just don't. Leave this part of the board for letting us Arpegians discuss about reviewing here in general.

"Topic: Don't post review here."

It's has some pretty bland graphics but it gets the job done. Oh and it also has a lot of different skins so if you ever get bored of the one you're using you can just switch it, that's a nice feature I guess.

Hmm, the story was really really weak, there was only one one main character and he kept bossing around other people and grouped them all in a race called "Arpegians". Buuut, he is a pretty loveable character.

Extremely short, I finished this game in literally 5 seconds! That's shorter than a single mission Half-minute hero!

There was none, the whole game was literally one guy saying something.

There was nothing to control so I guess this gets a 10/10 for not getting anything wrong?

Overall this game gets a 5/10 and that's me being generous.

Fuck the police. And admins. please don't hurt me.

Boo you suck. That game deserves a 11/10 >.>

Troll somewhere else.

Well, excuse me for actually having taste.
*Walks away with dignified air surrounding him*


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