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Basic Rules and Tips for reviewing.

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--- Quote from: ThisIsNotInu on March 14, 2012, 08:40:38 AM ---No...It has no glitches, the controls aren't slippery, the music is silent in places to help with the atmosphere.... If it wasn't for the length, it would have no flaws whatsoever.

--- End quote ---

Personally, I disagree.
You should really check everything... frame rate, sound, graphics...
But it can also be that you don't see flaws personally... as long as back your argument up... I don't see any problems.


--- Quote from: ThisIsNotInu on March 14, 2012, 07:50:38 AM ---I have a question about something.

What if a game GENUINELY doesn't have more than one flaw? I'm serious, a game I want to review has literally only one flaw, and that's the length of the game.

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Like I said, you are free to review as much as you like but be sure that it has no bias.
If the only flaw you truly see is its length, then you must point it out in a review.

Above all else, reviews are basically one person's opinion.

While you may think that a game is flawless, another person may find plenty more flaws.
And that's okay. Each person is entitled to their own opinion. As long as you follow the rules I have posted, I see no reason to bar you from fully expressing your opinions on a game.

Please feel free to submit the review here. I would really like to know more about the game which you are so highly passionate about.

I find this a MUST for each game review.

A small box with the most basic information of the game. Like, studio...genre, platforms (a full list, not the one you are reviewing), release date, brief summary...

For people who look up about the game, it's handy to have the basic info & a full review as bonus.

Grats on moderator Toffee!

Okay, I wrote over 100 games reviews on my (now deleted because of personal reasons) blog... So let's share some tips.

[*] Lay-out is extremely important. Don't give it one look... Put the screenshots in different places.
[*] Always give the general information at the start of review. What platforms, when did it release, genre, ERSB rating etc etc.
[*] In multi-platforms.. Try to avoid comparing too much others platforms. The is even a difference sometimes between PS3 & XBOX360.
[*] Try to look to each game separate before comparing it to games earlier in the series.
[*] Try to avoid comparing games to it's sequel. Sequels are mostly improvements so what is the point...?
[*] Do research and REPLAY the game just before reviewing.
[*] Don't directly post your review. Save it somewhere... give the game some thought and read over it.. This way you spell check AND adjust your opinion when you were too hyped of to game and such.
[*] It's your opinion! If you don't agree with the mass... then... you don't agree... But support your arguments.
[*] Always have an intro. Always. And put this intro in a different style then the rest, like eg in bold.
[*] Read other reviews too... Both positive and negative. It's always possible you missed something.
[*] Remember that you write in your own style. Not in somebody's tutorial style.

That are the best tips I can think up now. :3


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