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[Site debate] Perks for donate people?

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Alright, which perks do you guys want when you donate?

And is it a perk for each donation or do you get all the perks by donating?

And is it life time perks or perk for a year?

I can do various things. Like giving you access while Arpegi is being updated or access to a board where Mizari and I talk about new features and such.

I can do also things like giving you more permissions to eg: lock your own topics and such.

Let me know, how do you guys see it?

Kiss x Miz:
or Super Special Arpegi Items

Maybe the more you donate the more perks you get? Make a few tiers of donations, and just make it so that the higher the tier of donation you choose, the more perks you get.

As for what perks, I don't think board exclusivity is a very good idea. We're all friends here and I'm sure whatever is going to be discussed in the donator-exclusive boards will eventually be "leaked". =P And if it's something as important as new features, then I think it wouldn't be right to exclude other members from sharing their opinions on it.

Extra permissions sounds right, although I'm not exactly sure which permissions would be good as donation rewards.

Cupcake Fury:
Not like I can donate anyway but perks would be nice for those that can.

Locking topics is a good idea.
Maybe a new perk (just little ones) for each consecutive donation...

But definitely a minimum donation. $5 or something.


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