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FlashControl blocking YouTube embeds

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Hey, so I use a Chrome extension called FlashControl to block Flash from playing automatically (I have to manually click on the Flash object to allow it to start loading).

The problem is when I click on Youtube embeds on Arpegi to allow them to load, they don't load and stay blank. I've tried whitelisting Arpegi to allow the embeds to load automatically but they still end up blank. Fiddling around with FlashControl's settings don't seem to solve the problem either.

However, the embeds load normally when I disable FlashControl completely from the Extension manager.

Obviously, the problem is with FlashControl, but is there any way to fix this problem without completely disabling it?

I think it might be because of a conflict with your extension and our plugin. :/ Hrm, might be unable to fix. I'll try.

It'd be nice if you could make it so that the HTML5 player is embedded instead of the Flash one.

Most of the other sites I visit don't have this problem because they use the HTML5 player in their embeds. At least, that's what I assume because FlashControl doesn't block them.

I think I might be able to look into that.

(Man, my coding skills are so lacking when it comes to some stuff)

Well, you don't have to go out of your way to fix it if it's too much hassle.


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