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If you have any questions about current, past, or future competitions (themes, rules, moderation, suggestions, etc.) or simply wish to discuss them in general, please post here.

I would add to the rules a link to the clock where you can easily check how much time you have.
Plus the entry must be new... not be made for another SOTW.

Added. Thanks Jonez.

I think we can safely say that the people that voted for the SOTW were just doing it for the heck of it lol
I'm sure the more easier competitions will do better~


--- Quote from: Nega-Pow on April 05, 2012, 05:09:46 PM ---I'm sure the more easier competitions will do better~

--- End quote ---

I hope so. If the next competition flops, then I'll probably stop the competitions indefinitely and hold the poll again when we have more members.

Also, sorry Jonez but I think it's better to vote the old-fashioned way, that way we can tell if anyone votes for themselves.


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