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I got into skins for the GBA emulator "VisualBoy Advance" because of a not-so-good Game Grumps skin and the fact that 90% of the skins going around were just plain skins to make VBA look like a GBA.. Got a couple skins going...if anyone has any requests, I'll see if can do it. :D

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* Theme: Game Grumps / Steam Train
* Number of Skins: 2
* Window Size: 900x660
* Game Video Size: 3X ZoomNote: There are no buttons on this skin except to close the emulator. You will have to right-click the emulator to access the menus.

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* Theme: Drill Dozer
* Number of Skins: 1
* Window Size: 700x500
* Game Video Size: 2X ZoomNote: The logo is a button that takes you to the 'open ROM' prompt. The diamond is also a button, and it closes the emulator.

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* Theme: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
* Number of Skins: 1
* Window Size: 800x600
* Game Video Size: 2X ZoomNote: No buttons. All menu-related stuff and emulator closing must be done via the right-click menu. Also the pink is transparent on the final thing.

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* Theme: Pokemon Emerald
* Number of Skins: 1
* Window Size: 640x450
* Game Video Size: 2X ZoomNote: The Pokemon logo opens the "open ROM" prompt, while the Emerald Version logo pauses/unpauses the game.



* Extract the folder anywhere
* Open VisualBoy Advance
* Go to Options > Video > Render Method > Choose Skin...
* Go to the folder you extracted
* Choose the INI inside the folder (multiple INI files means multiple skins are included)

Cupcake Fury:
Well if I ever use GBA emulators in the future this is the skin Ill be using o3o

Gah, looks like VBA-M doesn't support skins.

looks cool ;o

pfft everyone knows no$gba is where it's at


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