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Okay, this thread is meant to talk about RP and this board in general. Suggestions for mods and such can go here.

I'll start with something. I do miss the time Smashy and I RP'ed at this board. One of the main reasons for the starting of this forum was the original RP. Back at the start of this year, Smashy got 1 month no internet. And his real life totally developed. So, he basically stopped RP'ing with me.

I respect and understand his decision, but I sometimes secretly hope that we can do it again sometime. Possibly less intensive like in the past and possibly with a new story.

It's hard for me to let go. As a writer, I can't let a story I'm extremely proud of, go that easily. Smashy doesn't want the story to continue without his involvement, so I locked the topic. So that we can respect that wish. Since Smashy & I are so extremely busy, we didn't have the time to talk about a new RP or something among those lines. But I won't force him, since he is my neko brother yo.

Anyways, enough about that. Since that's that and no use talking endlessly in this thread about it. We have another one for that. In February I was able to somewhat revive the RP board with another RP. I honestly think that we are able to revive this board and write stories like in the past.

So, yeah, if there are any things you want to talk about that has to do with the RP here in general, post it here.


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