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As some of you know, I'm part of another community called ZEJ. For the past year or so(maybe longer), I've been drawing the members in a chibi/cartoonish style in my own comics series. Because of their constant support, something that was just a one-time joke became what is now known as TyranComix.
The comics themselves depicts ZEJ's shenanigans in a cute and hilarious way.
Because I have designs for almost everyone here as well, I decided to do the same thing with our community, the members of Arpegi.

I've started with 6 comic strips- nothing too big. Just short and funny things I found around the forum and whatnot, with inspiration from the Hall of Fame thread. Here they are~

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Now, I was planning on looking through the arpegi skype group for more scenes to draw, but I need YOUR input! ! ! !
That's right, for a limited time of forever, I need you to give me comics to draw! This can be anything from posts on the forum to discussions on the skype group chat!
Act fast, this deal doesn't last forever!

Also, for those that are curious, you can go here to see my comics for ZEJ.

Nice! Lol

Kiss x Miz:
is cri, can't see from this PC

gr8 stuff  m8

Kiss x Miz:
Such wow, much large


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