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Well its Pow here to host yet another spectacular Member Spotlight, this time under the spotlight we have Msg, that other British dood who actually has a real woman!
This is a game where we choose a member to spotlight which could then be asked any question by any member!

Here are the rules:

1. If the member chosen doesn't want to answer a question he/she can freely ignore it

2. If you want to put all the questions you have in one post don't write walls of text (but lets face it, you're gonna do that anyway)

3. Members may not request for more time on the MS, you are allotted a single week (7 days exactly, to the hour) and no more, no less. If you feel as though you may not be able to fulfill this commitment then please refuse the MS (if it is offered to you) so that another member with sufficient time can fulfill the obligation. (This is non-applicable to MSR)

4. In a dire event such as the death of a relative or a sudden holiday (announced by your parents or something) comes around, then you may postpone the MS to a later date. However the next MS will continue upon your departure, upon your return the current MS will close. You will use up your remaining allotted time, then close and the other MS will then continue for its allotted time. This is only in serious cases, excuses such as exams are not valid. This is to keep consistency within the MS system. (This is non-applicable to MSR)

5. Follow the Arpegi rules please.

6. When the MS holder answers a question put forth by a member, the member, nor anyone else should reply to that answer with a casual remark (non-question), replying to an answer may only be allowed if the reply contains another question for the MS holder to answer. However quote nesting is also prohibited.

7. Pointless questions such as "see you tomorrow?" or "how are you?" are prohibited. Such casual questions can be posed in the Spam thread thread.

8. Violations of rules 6 and 7 will result in a deletion of said posts. If the behavior persists from said individual, then a warning may be issued.

msg- That British guy!!

How are you?

Views on me?
Y U No buy PS3?
Do you play Call of Duty?
Who do you think will win the Olympics soccer?
Who so you thing will win UEFA?






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